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All of Us Are Dead (Kdrama series)

All of Us Are Dead poster on full movie download
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Trapped in a High School Nightmare: All of Us Are Dead

A seemingly ordinary day at Hyosan High School turns into a horrifying fight for survival. A science experiment gone wrong unleashes a terrifying virus that rapidly transforms students into flesh-hungry zombies. Trapped within the school walls, a group of teenagers must overcome their differences, fight for their lives, and find a way to escape the quarantine zone. All of Us Are Dead is a gripping Korean drama that blends heart-pounding action with emotional coming-of-age themes.


  • Genre: Horror, Drama, Thriller
  • PG Rating: TV-MA (Violence, gore, language, disturbing content)
  • Release Name: All of Us Are Dead (Korean: 지금 우리 학교는; RR: Jigeum 우리 학교는)
  • Tagline: “Will they survive the bite of friendship?”
  • Audio Language(s): Korean
  • Runtime: Varies per episode (Approx. 50 minutes)
  • Release Date: January 28, 2022
  • Production Company: Film Monster, Jinny’s Entertainment
  • Movie Trailer Link:
trailer for All of Us Are Dead

Cast of All of Us Are Dead

  • Park Ji-hu: Park Ji-hu delivers a breakout performance as Nam On-jo, a resourceful and determined student who emerges as a leader during the crisis.
  • Yoon Chan-young: Yoon Chan-young portrays Lee Cheong-san, On-jo’s childhood friend and a protector to the group.
  • Cho Yi-hyun: Cho Yi-hyun takes on the role of Choi Nam-ra, a mysterious and intelligent student who holds a secret about the virus.
  • Lomon: Lomon portrays Lee Su-hyuk, the class clown who steps up to become a courageous fighter.
  • Yoo In-soo: Yoo In-soo portrays Yoon Gwi-nam, a violent bully who becomes an even more terrifying threat when infected.

The strong performances by the young cast are a major highlight of the series, as they convincingly portray the characters’ fear, resilience, and evolving bonds amidst the chaos.

The Architects of Horror: Crew of All of Us Are Dead

  • Director: Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su co-direct the series, each with experience in directing horror and thriller content. Their collaboration brings a balanced approach to the narrative, seamlessly blending scares with emotional moments.
  • Writers: Chun Sung-il, the original webtoon author, co-writes the screenplay alongside Kim Eun-hee. This ensures the series stays true to the source material while adapting it effectively for the screen.
  • Cinematographer: Park Se-seung utilizes camera angles and lighting to create a sense of claustrophobia and constant danger within the confined school setting.
  • Special Effects Team: The special effects team deserves recognition for crafting realistic and grotesque depictions of the infected, adding to the show’s intensity.
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The talented crew behind All of Us Are Dead meticulously crafts a visually stunning and suspenseful atmosphere, transporting viewers into the heart of the zombie apocalypse.

Filming Locations of All of Us Are Dead

While specific filming locations haven’t been officially revealed, here’s a possible breakdown of the settings:

  • Hyosan High School: A large part of the series takes place within the fictional Hyosan High School set. This location was likely a specially constructed set or a heavily modified existing school building.
  • Quarantine Zone: Scenes depicting the characters attempting to escape the quarantined zone could have been filmed outdoors in controlled areas, with CGI enhancements to establish the broader restricted zone.
  • Hospitals and Rooftops: Hospitals overrun by the infected and rooftop scenes showcasing the desperate attempts at escape would likely involve a combination of sets and practical locations.

The effective use of sets and locations allows for a believable recreation of a high school transformed into a battleground for survival.

Soundtrack of Survival: Music in All of Us Are Dead

The music in All of Us Are Dead plays a crucial role in heightening tension and emotional impact:

  • Intense Scores: Fast-paced and pulsing scores create a sense of urgency and danger during moments of action and escape.
  • Haunting Melodies: Melancholic and suspenseful melodies underscore the characters’ fear, loss, and the overall bleak atmosphere of the apocalypse.
  • Sparse Use of Uplifting Music: The limited use of uplifting music emphasizes the constant struggle and the characters’ uncertain future.

The music, composed by Mowg, perfectly complements the on-screen narrative, immersing viewers in the emotional rollercoaster of the characters’ fight for survival.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Inspiration Behind All of Us Are Dead (Spoiler Alert!)

While All of Us Are Dead is a fictional story, it draws inspiration from various sources:

  • Viral Outbreaks: The series taps into our collective anxieties surrounding pandemics and the potential for a rapid spread of a deadly virus.
  • Zombie Genre Inspiration: The show takes cues from classic and contemporary zombie films, exploring themes of societal collapse and the monstrous potential within humanity.
  • Social Commentary: The series subtly critiques social issues like bullying and academic pressure within Korean high schools.

Spoiler Alert: The specific nature of the virus in All of Us Are Dead, a hybrid rabies and hamster cell line, is a fictional creation for the narrative.

The series uses familiar tropes of the zombie genre while weaving in relatable social commentary, making the story feel fresh and engaging for viewers.

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All of Us Are Dead: A Bite Out of the Competition (Comparisons with Similar Shows)

All of Us Are Dead isn’t alone in the realm of high-stakes Korean dramas with a touch of the undead. Here’s how it compares to some fellow genre contenders:

All of Us Are Dead vs. Kingdom (2019-2021):

  • Historical vs. Modern Setting: Kingdom takes viewers on a thrilling ride through medieval Korea plagued by a mysterious plague that resurrects the dead. All of Us Are Dead is set in a contemporary high school, offering a contrasting and relatable backdrop.
  • Focus on Action vs. Political Intrigue: Kingdom features large-scale battles and displays of swordsmanship. All of Us Are Dead leans more towards character-driven struggles for survival with pockets of intense action sequences.
  • Social Commentary: Both series explore themes of class disparity and societal breakdown, but Kingdom delves deeper into political corruption and power struggles within the royal court.

All of Us Are Dead vs. Happiness (2020):

  • Apartment Building vs. High School: Happiness unfolds within a high-rise apartment building quarantined due to a mutated rabies virus. All of Us Are Dead uses the school as a microcosm of society trapped within its walls.
  • Focus on Romance vs. Survival: Happiness features a blooming romance between the main characters amidst the chaos. All of Us Are Dead keeps the focus on the characters’ struggles for survival and the evolving dynamics within the group.
  • Slow Burn vs. Fast Paced: Happiness utilizes a slower narrative build-up, focusing on the psychological impact of the situation. All of Us Are Dead adopts a faster pace, throwing the characters into immediate danger and survival challenges.

All of Us Are Dead vs. Train to Busan (2016):

  • Train vs. School: Train to Busan is a fast-paced zombie apocalypse film set on a speeding train. All of Us Are Dead offers a more confined setting and explores the characters’ struggles over a longer period.
  • Family vs. Friends: Train to Busan centers around a father desperately trying to protect his daughter during the outbreak. All of Us Are Dead focuses on a group of friends who must rely on each other for survival.
  • Emotional Depth vs. Action Spectacle: Both productions deliver emotional gut punches, but Train to Busan leans more heavily on the father-daughter relationship, while All of Us Are Dead explores a broader range of friendships and personal growth.

All of Us Are Dead vs. Highschool of the Dead (2010):

  • Japanese Anime vs. Korean Drama: Highschool of the Dead is a Japanese anime series known for its graphic violence and fan service elements. All of Us Are Dead is a live-action Korean drama with a more grounded and suspenseful approach.
  • Ecchi vs. Coming-of-Age: Highschool of the Dead features strong sexual themes alongside the zombie apocalypse. All of Us Are Dead focuses on the characters’ emotional growth and their struggles to overcome personal challenges amidst the crisis.
  • Supernatural vs. Scientific: Highschool of the Dead introduces supernatural elements like psychic powers. All of Us Are Dead has a more scientific explanation for the virus’s origin and its effects.
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All of Us Are Dead vs. The Walking Dead (2010-2022):

  • Long-Term Survival vs. Immediate Crisis: The Walking Dead is a sprawling saga that follows a group of survivors over many seasons. All of Us Are Dead focuses on a more confined timeframe and the characters’ immediate struggle for survival.
  • Large Cast vs. Core Group: The Walking Dead features a large and ever-evolving cast of characters. All of Us Are Dead has a smaller core group, allowing for deeper character development.
  • Hope vs. Despair: The Walking Dead offers moments of hope and community building amidst the bleakness. All of Us Are Dead presents a more desperate and uncertain situation for the characters.

Ultimately, the best choice for you depends on your preference. All of Us Are Dead offers a fresh take on the zombie apocalypse by placing it within the relatable setting of a high school and focusing on the characters’ emotional journeys alongside the fight for survival.

Where to Sink Your Teeth into All of Us Are Dead

Finding All of Us Are Dead to stream can be convenient, as it’s currently available on a popular platform:

Streaming PlatformAll of Us Are Dead Availability
NetflixAvailable to Stream
HuluNot Currently Available
Amazon Prime VideoCurrently Available
Disney+ HotstarNot Currently Available
HBO MaxNot Currently Available
table showing availability of ‘all of us are dead’ on streaming platforms

Benefits of Streaming on Netflix:

  • Convenience: With a Netflix subscription, you can easily watch All of Us Are Dead at your own pace, with the option to pause, rewind, or fast-forward as needed.
  • Multiple Devices: You can stream All of Us Are Dead on various devices like TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing for flexible viewing options.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Netflix offers high-quality streaming, ensuring a visually immersive experience for the series.

Additional Options:

If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you might be able to find All of Us Are Dead on other platforms in the future, as streaming rights can change. Here are some possibilities:

  • Future Availability on Other Platforms: All of Us Are Dead might become available on other streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ Hotstar in the future. Keep an eye out for updates on these platforms.
  • Physical Media Purchase: You might be able to purchase a physical copy of All of Us Are Dead on DVD or Blu-Ray, allowing you to own a permanent copy of the series.

Conclusion: Stream, Survive, and Discuss

All of Us Are Dead is a gripping Korean drama that offers a thrilling blend of horror, action, and coming-of-age themes. With its easy availability on Netflix, you can dive into this suspenseful series and experience the fight for survival within the walls of Hyosan High School. So grab your snacks, settle in for a binge-watch, and prepare to be entertained and terrified by All of Us Are Dead. Remember, after experiencing the series, you can join online discussions and share your thoughts with other fans!