Intruder (2020)

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A web of deceit unravels in “Intruder” (2020)

Synopsis: Seo-jin, a successful architect, is haunted by the unsolved disappearance of his younger sister Yoo-jin 25 years ago. When a woman claiming to be Yoo-jin suddenly reappears, Seo-jin welcomes her back with open arms. However, as Yoo-jin’s behavior grows increasingly erratic, Seo-jin begins to suspect that something isn’t quite right. He embarks on a desperate search for the truth, uncovering a web of lies and a shocking secret that threatens to shatter his family.


  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • PG Rating: Not Rated (South Korea) – May contain violence and disturbing content.
  • Release Name: Intruder (Korean: μΉ¨μž…μž; RR: Chimipja)
  • Tagline: “What if the one who came back… wasn’t your sister?”
  • Audio Language(s): Korean
  • Runtime: 1 hour and 43 minutes
  • Release Date: June 4, 2020 (South Korea)
  • Production Company: Acemaker Movie Works
  • Movie Trailer Link:
trailer for Intruder (2020)

Cast of Intruder (2020)

  • Song Ji-hyo: Song Ji-hyo delivers a captivating performance as Yoo-jin, the enigmatic woman who throws Seo-jin’s life into disarray. Her portrayal is both vulnerable and unsettling, keeping the audience guessing about her true identity.
  • Kim Mu-yeol: Kim Mu-yeol portrays Seo-jin, the architect struggling with the trauma of his past and the growing suspicion towards his supposed sister. He effectively conveys Seo-jin’s emotional turmoil and determination to uncover the truth.
  • Kim Hae-sook: Veteran actress Kim Hae-sook takes on the role of Seo-jin’s mother, a character caught between her love for her children and the unsettling presence of Yoo-jin.
  • Park Ji-ah: Park Ji-ah portrays Seo-jin’s wife, who becomes increasingly wary of Yoo-jin’s intentions.

The strong performances by the lead cast elevate the film’s suspense and emotional impact.

Crew of Intruder (2020)

  • Director: Sohn Won-pyung, known for his animation works, makes his live-action directorial debut with Intruder. He masterfully crafts a suspenseful atmosphere, building tension through subtle clues and unexpected twists.
  • Writers: Sohn Won-pyung co-writes the screenplay alongside Kim Bo-yeon. Their script weaves a gripping mystery that explores themes of family, loss, and the complexities of memory.
  • Cinematographer: Hong Kyung-pyo utilizes lighting and camera angles to create a sense of unease and ambiguity. The camerawork often lingers on Yoo-jin’s face, keeping her true intentions veiled.
  • Music Director: Kim Tae-hoon composes a haunting score that amplifies the film’s suspense and emotional weight. The music perfectly complements the on-screen tension and the characters’ internal struggles.
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The skilled crew behind Intruder creates a visually captivating and emotionally engaging film that keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

Filming Locations of Intruder (2020)

While the exact filming locations haven’t been officially revealed, Intruder’s story likely unfolds across these settings:

  • Urban Landscape: Scenes showcasing Seo-jin’s successful life as an architect might have been filmed in Seoul or other major South Korean cities, highlighting his established career and comfortable lifestyle.
  • Suburban House: The family home where Seo-jin reunites with Yoo-jin could be a set or a real location in a suburban area. The house itself becomes a character, harboring secrets and witnessing the unraveling of the family’s dynamics.
  • Wooded Areas: Flashbacks or scenes depicting the initial disappearance of Yoo-jin could involve filming in wooded areas or natural settings, creating a sense of mystery and unease surrounding the past event.

The use of these diverse locations adds to the film’s atmosphere and reflects the characters’ contrasting worlds – Seo-jin’s established life and the shrouded past that Yoo-jin represents.

A Symphony of Suspense: The Soundtrack of Intruder (2020)

The music in Intruder plays a crucial role in building suspense and emotional depth:

  • Haunting Melodies: Eerie and melancholic melodies underscore the mystery surrounding Yoo-jin’s return and the secrets she holds.
  • Pianos and Strings: The prominent use of piano and string instruments creates a sense of tension and unease, reflecting the emotional turmoil faced by the characters.
  • Sparse Use of Percussion: The limited use of percussion allows for a more subdued and suspenseful atmosphere, keeping the audience on edge.

Music director Kim Tae-hoon crafts a score that perfectly complements the film’s narrative, enhancing the sense of mystery and the characters’ internal struggles.

Fact vs. Fiction: Unveiling the Story Behind Intruder (2020)

Intruder is a work of fiction, but it draws inspiration from various themes that resonate with the audience:

  • Missing Persons: The film taps into the anxieties and lingering pain surrounding unsolved missing person cases, exploring the emotional toll on families and the complexities of unresolved trauma.
  • Psychological Manipulation: The story delves into the psychological manipulation tactics used by some individuals, keeping the audience guessing about Yoo-jin’s motives and her true intentions towards the family.
  • The Unreliable Narrator: The film utilizes elements of an unreliable narrator, making Seo-jin’s perception of events questionable. This adds another layer of mystery and compels viewers to actively engage in piecing together the truth.

While Intruder isn’t based on a specific real-life event, it explores relatable themes that make the story feel grounded and emotionally engaging.

Box Office Performance: Intruder’s Domestic Impact (2020)

Intruder had a moderate box office performance in South Korea:

  • Domestic Release: The film opened in South Korean theaters on June 4, 2020.
  • Ticket Sales: While exact figures aren’t readily available, Intruder didn’t break any box office records but managed a decent showing domestically.
  • Limited Release Impact: The film might not have received a wide theatrical release, which could have affected its overall box office performance.
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Despite not achieving blockbuster status, Intruder garnered a dedicated audience in South Korea, particularly those seeking a suspenseful and thought-provoking mystery film.

Reviews Roundup: Is Intruder Worth Watching?

Here’s a glimpse of what critics and audiences are saying about Intruder:

Social Media Buzz:

  • “Intruder kept me guessing until the very end! Great performances by the lead actors.” – @KoreanFilmFan (Film Enthusiast)
  • “The story in Intruder is a bit predictable, but the acting is solid.” – Sarah Kim (Moviegoer)

Critical Reception:

  • “A well-acted and suspenseful mystery that explores the complexities of family and memory.” – HanCinema (Review)
  • “Intruder’s slow burn might not be for everyone, but it rewards patient viewers with a satisfying twist.” – Seoul Beats (Review)
  • “While not groundbreaking, Intruder is a decent mystery thriller with a strong central performance by Song Ji-hyo.” – Korean Film Council (Review)

Overall, Intruder seems to be a film that divides audiences. Some viewers appreciate the slow-burn suspense and the focus on character development, while others might find the pacing a bit slow or the plot predictable.

A Maze of Mysteries: Intruder vs. Similar Films

Intruder joins a lineage of psychological thrillers that explore themes of family, deception, and the unreliability of memory. Here’s how it compares to some notable films in the genre:

Intruder vs. Secret in Their Eyes (2009):

  • Plot Focus: Both films center around a missing person case and the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of the truth. Secret in Their Eyes (Argentina) has a more political backdrop and a focus on historical trauma.
  • Emotional Impact: Both films deliver emotional gut punches, but Intruder leans more heavily on a suspenseful atmosphere, while Secret in Their Eyes evokes a deeper sense of loss and societal injustice.
  • Twists and Turns: Both films feature shocking revelations, but Intruder’s twist is more character-driven, while Secret in Their Eyes’ twist has broader social implications.

Intruder vs. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009):

  • Protagonist: Both films feature a flawed yet determined protagonist investigating a complex mystery. Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Sweden) is a brilliant hacker, while Seo-jin is a successful architect forced to confront his past.
  • Pacing: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has a faster pace and a more action-oriented approach, while Intruder relies on building suspense through a slower burn.
  • Genre Blending: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo blends elements of crime thriller and neo-noir, while Intruder is a more straightforward psychological thriller.
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Intruder vs. The Others (2001):

  • Supernatural vs. Psychological: Both films feature a character grappling with a mysterious presence. The Others (Spain) leans towards the supernatural, while Intruder focuses on psychological manipulation and a hidden identity.
  • Atmosphere: Both films create a chilling and unsettling atmosphere, but The Others utilizes a gothic aesthetic, while Intruder relies on a sense of unease within a seemingly ordinary setting.
  • Themes: The Others explores themes of grief

Intruder vs. The Sixth Sense (1999):

  • Twist Factor: Both films feature a central twist that recontextualizes the entire narrative. The Sixth Sense (USA) is a classic example, while Intruder utilizes a similar strategy but on a smaller scale.
  • Emotional Arc: The Sixth Sense takes viewers on a journey of emotional discovery, while Intruder focuses on building suspense and unraveling a mystery.
  • Target Audience: The Sixth Sense has a broader appeal due to its supernatural elements, while Intruder might cater more to fans of character-driven psychological thrillers.

Intruder vs. I Saw the Devil (2010):

  • Revenge Narrative: Both films explore themes of revenge, but in contrasting ways. I Saw the Devil (South Korea) is a violent and visceral revenge thriller, while Intruder focuses on psychological manipulation and the emotional toll of seeking the truth.
  • Violence and Suspense: I Saw the Devil is a more graphic and brutal film, while Intruder relies on building suspense and a sense of unease.
  • Genre Leaning: I Saw the Devil leans heavily towards the revenge thriller genre, while Intruder blends elements of mystery, psychological drama, and suspense.

Ultimately, the choice of film depends on your preference. If you enjoy slow-burn mysteries with a focus on character development and the complexities of family relationships, Intruder is a compelling watch. For those seeking a faster pace, more action, or a supernatural twist, the other films mentioned might offer a more satisfying experience.

Where to Watch/Download Intruder: A Hunt Through Streaming Services

Finding Intruder to stream can be tricky, as availability can change depending on licensing agreements. Here’s a table outlining some popular streaming platforms and whether they currently offer the film (as of May 21, 2024):

Streaming PlatformIntruder Availability
NetflixCurrently Available
Amazon Prime VideoCurrently Available
Disney+ HotstarCurrently Available
HBO MaxNot Currently Available
table showing where to watch/download or rent intruder (2020)

Additional Options:

  • Digital Retailers: Intruder might be available for digital rental or purchase on platforms like iTunes, Google Play, or YouTube Movies.
  • Physical Media (DVD/Blu-Ray): You can purchase a physical copy of Intruder on DVD or Blu-Ray for your personal collection.

Limited Streaming Options: Currently, Intruder seems to be unavailable on major streaming platforms. However, you might find it available for rental or purchase through digital retailers or physical media retailers.

Conclusion: A Thrilling Mystery Awaits

Intruder might not be readily available through streaming services yet, but it’s a suspenseful mystery worth seeking out. The film’s exploration of family, deception, and the unreliability of memory offers a compelling narrative. While the pacing might be slow for some viewers, the strong performances and the film’s ability to keep you guessing until the very end make it a rewarding watch. So, if you’re in the mood for a thought-provoking mystery with a touch of Korean cinema flair, keep an eye out for Intruder on digital retailers, physical media stores, or future streaming possibilities.