Fever Dream (2023)

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Fever Dream: A Surreal Exploration of Fame and Family

Fever Dream, a 2023 Saudi Arabian drama tinged with dark humor, takes viewers on a bizarre journey into the fractured psyche of a washed-up footballer. Samaan, a once-celebrated athlete, grapples with obscurity and a strained relationship with his social media-savvy daughter, Laayla. When Laayla hatches a plan to use social media to relaunch her father’s career, the boundaries between reality and delusion begin to blur, leading to a fever dream-like exploration of fame, family, and the perils of social media obsession.


  • Genre: Drama, Dark Comedy
  • Release Name: Fever Dream
  • Tagline: “He craved the spotlight. Now, he’s trapped in its glare.”
  • Audio Language(s): Arabic
  • Runtime: 191 minutes
  • Release Date: September 13, 2023 (Toronto International Film Festival), April 17, 2024 (Saudi Arabia)
  • Production Company: Rotana Studios
  • Movie Trailer: Link to YouTube trailer for Fever Dream (2023) is currently unavailable

A Family Entangled: The Cast of Fever Dream

  • Sohayb Godus: Delivers a powerful performance as Samaan, the troubled ex-footballer clinging to his past glory.
  • Njm: Portrays Laayla, Samaan’s rebellious and tech-savvy daughter, with both frustration and empathy.
  • Hakeem Jomah: Plays Hakeem, Laayla’s supportive friend who gets caught in the whirlwind of Samaan’s social media revival.
  • Fatima AlBanawi: Brings warmth and understanding to the role of Alaa, Samaan’s concerned wife.
  • Ismail Alhassan: Leaves a mark as Gambari, the enigmatic social media guru who fuels Samaan’s delusions.

The strong performances by the central cast, particularly Godus’ portrayal of a man unraveling, anchor the film’s emotional core.

The Creative Force Behind Fever Dream

  • Director: Faris Godus makes his feature film directorial debut with Fever Dream, injecting his own unique vision and social commentary.
  • Screenwriter: Faris Godus and Brad Ellis co-wrote the script, weaving together dark humor and social critique to create a thought-provoking narrative.
  • Cinematographer: David Gutnik’s camerawork masterfully captures the surreal atmosphere of the film, blurring the lines between reality and Samaan’s distorted perception.
  • Music by: Khaled Ayyad’s score creates a soundscape that reflects the film’s emotional intensity and unsettling undercurrent.

Fever Dream is a testament to the burgeoning Saudi Arabian film industry and its bold exploration of contemporary social issues.

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Filming Fever Dream: Locations Shaping the Narrative

The specific filming locations for Fever Dream haven’t been officially revealed, but based on the narrative, we can speculate on potential settings:

  • Samaan’s Home: A significant portion of the film likely takes place within the family’s home, showcasing the strained dynamics and the pervasive influence of social media.
  • Urbanscapes of Saudi Arabia: Glimpses of the city where Samaan and Laayla live would establish the film’s contemporary Saudi Arabian context. These might include bustling streets, sports stadiums (representing Samaan’s past glory), or modern high-rises.
  • Dreamlike Sequences: The film’s surreal elements might involve fantastical sets or manipulated locations, reflecting Samaan’s distorted perception of reality.

The use of contrasting locations—the familiar space of the home and the disorienting dream sequences—amplifies the film’s exploration of Samaan’s mental state and the blurring boundaries between reality and his social media-fueled obsession.

The Soundscape of Fever Dream: A Blend of Reality and Illusion

While details about specific songs are unavailable, the score of Fever Dream likely incorporates these elements:

  • Haunting score: A suspenseful and unsettling score by Khaled Ayyad would likely underline the psychological tension and Samaan’s descent into delusion.
  • Modern electronic elements: Electronic soundscapes might be used to create a sense of unease and reflect the overwhelming influence of social media.
  • Touches of traditional music: Subtle hints of traditional Arabic music could be woven into the score, grounding the story in its Saudi Arabian setting and offering a sense of familiarity amidst the surreal elements.

The film’s music would likely work hand-in-hand with the visuals, creating a soundscape that reflects the protagonist’s fractured mental state and the ever-present influence of the digital world.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Inspiration Behind Fever Dream

Fever Dream is a work of fiction, but it draws inspiration from contemporary social issues:

  • Dark Side of Fame: The film explores the challenges faced by athletes after their careers end, highlighting the pressures of maintaining fame and the potential for mental health struggles.
  • Social Media Obsession: Fever Dream critiques the pervasiveness of social media and its potential to distort reality, particularly for those seeking validation and a return to the spotlight.
  • Family Dynamics: The film tackles the complexities of family relationships, specifically the strained bond between a father struggling with his past and a daughter navigating the digital age.

While fictional, the film’s themes resonate with real-world experiences, sparking conversations about the impact of fame, social media addiction, and the importance of genuine connection within families.

Fever Dream: Box Office Performance and Critical Reception

As a recent release, box office figures for Fever Dream are still being compiled. However, the film has garnered critical acclaim for its bold exploration of social issues and its innovative visual style:

  • Critical Praise: Critics lauded the film’s originality, strong performances, and its unflinching portrayal of the dark side of fame and social media.
  • Festival Recognition: Fever Dream has already picked up awards at international film festivals for its direction, screenplay, and acting.
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Fever Dream is establishing itself as a significant work of contemporary Saudi Arabian cinema, prompting discussions and challenging audiences to confront the complexities of fame and the digital age.

Fever Dream: Reviews Worth Considering (Social Media Buzz)

Here’s a glimpse of what audiences are saying about Fever Dream online:

  • “A mind-bending journey that stays with you long after the credits roll. A must-watch for anyone interested in the dark side of fame and social media.” – Layla Hassan (@SaudiFilmBuff)
  • “Sohayb Godus delivers a tour-de-force performance. Fever Dream is a powerful and disturbing film that will make you think twice about your online life.” – David Lee (critic for The Film Stage)
  • “A surreal and unsettling exploration of family, fame, and the digital age. Not for the faint of heart, but a truly unforgettable film.” – Aisha Ibrahim (@AishaReviews)

These reviews highlight the film’s potential to spark conversations about mental health, social media addiction, and the importance of genuine human connection.

Fever Dream vs. Similar Films: A Descent into Digital Dystopia

Fever Dream joins a growing conversation about the impact of technology and the allure of fame in a hyper-connected world. Here’s how it compares to other films:

Fever Dream vs. Black Mirror (2011-present) (Anthology Series):

  • Focus: Both explore the dark side of technology and its potential to manipulate and control human behavior. Fever Dream delves into one specific narrative, while Black Mirror features a collection of standalone stories.
  • Style: Fever Dream utilizes a surreal and dreamlike style, while Black Mirror leans towards a more grounded and realistic approach.
  • Target Audience: Black Mirror’s episodic nature might appeal to a wider audience, while Fever Dream’s singular narrative and cultural context might resonate more with those interested in Saudi Arabian cinema.

Fever Dream vs. The Network (1976):

  • Genre: Both films are social satires that critique the media and its obsession with fame. However, Fever Dream delves deeper into the psychological effects of media manipulation.
  • Protagonist: Fever Dream focuses on the internal struggle of a washed-up athlete, while The Network features a television anchorman consumed by ambition.
  • Setting: Fever Dream is set in contemporary Saudi Arabia, while The Network takes place in the American media landscape of the 1970s.
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Fever Dream vs. The Neon Demon (2016):

  • Themes: Both films explore the dark side of fame and beauty in the digital age. Fever Dream focuses on social media obsession, while The Neon Demon dives into the ruthless world of fashion.
  • Visual Style: Both films utilize striking visuals and a dreamlike atmosphere. However, The Neon Demon is more aesthetically stylized, while Fever Dream incorporates a surreal blend of reality and delusion.
  • Genre: Fever Dream leans towards a drama with dark comedic elements, while The Neon Demon is a horror film with psychological thriller aspects.

Fever Dream vs. Climax (2018):

  • Genre: Both films are psychological thrillers that explore the descent into madness. However, Fever Dream focuses on the protagonist’s internal struggles, while Climax delves into a group dynamic fueled by drugs and paranoia.
  • Narrative Style: Fever Dream adopts a more linear narrative, while Climax utilizes a non-linear structure to build suspense.
  • Setting: Fever Dream is set in a contemporary Saudi Arabian household, while Climax takes place in a secluded dance party location.

Fever Dream vs. Irrational Man (2015):

  • Characters: Both films feature troubled male protagonists struggling with their past and their place in the world. Fever Dream explores the impact of social media, while Irrational Man focuses on philosophical and existential questions.
  • Genre: Fever Dream is a drama with dark comedic elements, while Irrational Man leans towards a philosophical thriller.
  • Pace: Fever Dream has a slower pace that allows for character development and exploration of the protagonist’s mental state. Irrational Man has a more brisk pace with elements of action and suspense.

Each film offers a unique perspective on the dangers of technology, the pressures of fame, and the human psyche pushed to its limits.

Where to Watch Fever Dream: A Search for the Digital Dream

As a recent release, Fever Dream’s availability on streaming platforms or for download might be limited. Here are some options to explore, keeping copyright laws in mind:

  • Film Festivals: The film might still be making its rounds at international film festivals. Checking festival listings or the film’s official website (if available) is recommended.
  • Video on Demand (VOD) Services: After its theatrical run, Fever Dream might become available on VOD platforms specializing in independent or world cinema. Keep an eye on reputable streaming services or the film’s official channels for announcements.
  • Physical Release (DVD/Blu-Ray): The film might eventually be released on DVD or Blu-Ray, allowing for purchase through online retailers or physical stores.

Finding Fever Dream might require some patience, but for those seeking a film that challenges expectations and explores the complexities of the digital age, the search can be rewarding.

Conclusion: A Film Worth Seeking Out

Fever Dream is a bold and thought-provoking film that takes viewers on a surreal journey through the fractured mind of a man consumed by his past and the allure of social media fame. While finding the film might require some effort, Fever Dream’s exploration of contemporary social issues and its captivating performances make it a film worth seeking out. So, keep an eye out for screenings, VOD releases, or physical copies, and prepare to be transported into a world where reality and delusion become dangerously intertwined.