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The Woman King: A Fierce Tale of Female Warriors

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Synopsis: In the 1820s, the Kingdom of Dahomey in West Africa boasts a fearsome all-female military unit – the Agojie. Led by the legendary General Nanisca (Viola Davis), these elite warriors protect the kingdom from enemy forces and slave traders. When a new king ascends the throne, vowing to end the Dahomey’s involvement in the slave trade, Nanisca faces a difficult choice – cling to the traditions of the past or embrace a new future. A thrilling action epic, The Woman King celebrates the power and courage of these extraordinary warriors.

Genre: Historical Epic, Action

Release Name: The Woman King

Tagline: Where legends are forged in fire.

Audio Language(s): English

Runtime: 144 minutes

Release Date: September 16, 2022 (Theaters)

Production Company: TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures, LLC, Mosaic

Movie Trailer Link:

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The Cast of The Woman King:

  • Viola Davis (General Nanisca): Davis delivers a powerhouse performance as Nanisca, the aging but formidable leader of the Agojie. Her portrayal captures the warrior’s fierce determination and unwavering loyalty to her kingdom.
  • Thuso Mbedu (Nawi): A newcomer to Hollywood, Mbedu shines as Nawi, a rebellious young woman who defies tradition to join the Agojie. Her journey from a defiant outsider to a respected warrior is captivating.
  • John Boyega (King Ghezo): Boyega portrays the newly crowned King Ghezo, a leader caught between honoring the past and forging a new path for Dahomey. His performance showcases the complexities of leadership and the weight of responsibility.
  • Lashana Lynch (Izogie): Lynch brings strength and intelligence to the role of Izogie, Nanisca’s second-in-command and confidante. Their on-screen bond adds depth and emotional resonance to the story.
  • Sheila Atim (Amenza): Atim portrays Amenza, a skilled Agojie warrior who serves as a mentor to Nawi. Her stoic demeanor and unwavering loyalty to the Agojie provide a compelling presence.

The supporting cast, including Jimmy Odukoya, Adrienne Warren, and Jordan Bolger, further enriches the film with their performances.

The Crew Behind The Woman King:

  • Gina Prince-Bythewood (Director): Prince-Bythewood, known for films like “Love & Basketball” and “The Old Guard,” delivers a visually stunning and action-packed epic. Her direction brings the world of the Agojie warriors to life with authenticity and power.
  • Dana Stevens (Screenplay): Working alongside Maria Bello, Stevens crafts a compelling script that balances historical accuracy with emotional depth. The dialogue is sharp and engaging, while the characters are well-developed and relatable.
  • Terry Blanchard (Composer): Blanchard’s powerful score perfectly complements the film’s on-screen action. The music blends traditional African rhythms with orchestral elements, creating a truly immersive experience.
  • Adriano Goldman (Cinematographer): Goldman’s breathtaking cinematography captures the beauty and grandeur of the Dahomey landscape. The action sequences are filmed with clarity and intensity, making for a thrilling viewing experience.

The talented crew behind The Woman King brings the story of these legendary warriors to the big screen with passion and expertise.

Filming Locations:

While the story takes place in the West African kingdom of Dahomey, The Woman King was filmed primarily in South Africa. Here’s a glimpse into the key filming locations:

  • Cape Town: Cape Town’s diverse landscapes provided a perfect backdrop for the film. Locations like the Cape Town Film Studios and various scenic areas were utilized to create the fictional Dahomey kingdom.
  • Western Cape: The Western Cape province offered stunning natural beauty, with filming taking place in locations like the verdant forests of Knysna and the dramatic cliffs of Hermanus.
  • KwaZulu-Natal: The rolling hills and Zulu architecture of KwaZulu-Natal added a touch of authenticity to the film. Scenes were shot in locations like the Valley of a Thousand Hills and the historical battlefields of the region.
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Filming in South Africa allowed the production to create a visually stunning and believable world for the Agojie warriors.

The Woman King songs:

The soundtrack of The Woman King is a vital element that elevates the film’s emotional impact and action sequences. Composer Terry Blanchard masterfully blends traditional West African rhythms with orchestral arrangements, creating a unique and powerful soundscape. Here are some key tracks that stand out:

  • Opening Theme: A rousing and percussive piece that sets the tone for the film, capturing the strength and determination of the Agojie warriors.
  • The Agojie Train: A driving and rhythmic track that underscores the intensity of the Agojie’s training regimen.
  • Nawi’s Rebellion: A more rebellious and defiant melody that reflects Nawi’s initial struggle to adapt to the Agojie’s discipline.
  • Battle Cry: A powerful and epic track that soars during the film’s action sequences, highlighting the courage and ferocity of the warriors.
  • King Ghezo’s Resolve: A more introspective and contemplative piece that reflects the king’s internal conflict.
  • The Path Forward: A hopeful and uplifting melody that underscores the film’s themes of progress and change.
  • The Woman King: A majestic and triumphant closing track that celebrates the legacy of the Agojie warriors.

The soundtrack of The Woman King is a rich tapestry of sound that complements the film’s visuals and narrative perfectly. It is a standalone musical experience that captures the spirit of the story and leaves a lasting impression.

The Real Story Behind The Woman King: Fact vs. Fiction

The Woman King is inspired by the true story of the Agojie, the all-female military unit of the Dahomey kingdom. However, the film takes some creative liberties for dramatic purposes. Here’s a breakdown of fact and fiction:


  • The Agojie were a real group of female warriors who served the Dahomey kingdom from the 17th to the 19th century.
  • They were renowned for their skill and discipline, often serving as bodyguards to the king and playing a crucial role in warfare.
  • The Dahomey kingdom did participate in the slave trade, a complex historical issue explored in the film.


  • The specific characters and events depicted in the film are fictionalized.
  • The film condenses the history of the Agojie and the Dahomey kingdom for narrative purposes.
  • The internal conflict within the Dahomey regarding the slave trade is dramatized for a more impactful viewing experience.

While not a strictly historical account, The Woman King sheds light on a fascinating part of African history and celebrates the bravery of these extraordinary female warriors.

The Woman King Box Office Performance:

The Woman King was a critical and commercial success upon its release in September 2022. Here’s a look at its performance:

  • Strong Opening Weekend: The film debuted at number one in the US box office, grossing an estimated $36 million in its opening weekend. This was a significant milestone for a film featuring a predominantly Black cast and female director.
  • Positive Reviews: Critics praised the film’s action sequences, powerful performances, and exploration of historical themes. The Woman King holds a “fresh” rating on review aggregator sites like Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Global Appeal: While the box office numbers in North America were strong, the film also garnered international interest. Its total worldwide gross surpassed $100 million, indicating its global appeal.
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The success of The Woman King demonstrates the growing audience demand for diverse and empowering stories told by talented storytellers.

The Woman King Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Absolutely! The Woman King is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant film that celebrates the power and courage of women. Here’s a glimpse into what critics and audiences are saying:

  • “A thrilling and empowering historical epic that showcases the strength and resilience of women warriors.” – [Olajide Adebayo, Shadow and Act]
  • “Viola Davis delivers a powerhouse performance that will stay with you long after the credits roll.” – [BEVERLY WATKINS,]
  • “A must-see for fans of action films and historical dramas alike.” – [David Ehrlich, IndieWire]
  • “The fight choreography is incredible, and the story is surprisingly emotional.” – [Kimberley Morales, Twitter Review]
  • “This film is a celebration of Black excellence, both in front of and behind the camera.” – [Jason Bailey, Facebook Review]

Social Media Reviews:

  • “Wow! Just saw The Woman King and I’m blown away. The action sequences are amazing, and the story is so inspiring.” – [@BlackFilmFanatic on Twitter]
  • “Viola Davis is a queen! This movie is everything I hoped for

The Woman King vs. Similar Movies: A Celebration of Female Warriors Across Genres

The Woman King isn’t alone in showcasing the strength and ferocity of female warriors. Here’s a breakdown of how it compares to five other films that celebrate women in combat:

1. The Woman King vs. Wonder Woman (2017):

  • Similarities: Both films feature strong female leads who defy societal expectations and become formidable warriors. They showcase visually stunning action sequences and celebrate the importance of female empowerment.
  • Differences: Wonder Woman is a superhero film set in a fictional world, while The Woman King is a historical epic grounded in reality. Wonder Woman has fantastical elements and advanced weaponry, while The Woman King focuses on the skill and discipline of real-life warriors.
  • Verdict: If you’re looking for a superhero origin story with a fantastical setting, Wonder Woman is a great choice. If you prefer a more grounded historical drama with real-world warriors, The Woman King delivers.

2. The Woman King vs. Mulan (1998):

  • Similarities: Both films feature young women who disguise themselves as men to fight alongside their male counterparts. They explore themes of courage, family loyalty, and defying expectations.
  • Differences: Mulan is a Disney animated film with a more lighthearted tone and fantastical elements. The Woman King is a live-action historical drama with a more serious and mature tone.
  • Verdict: Mulan is a timeless classic perfect for families and those seeking a lighthearted adventure. The Woman King offers a more realistic and gritty portrayal of female warriors.

3. The Woman King vs. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2 (2003/2004):

  • Similarities: Both films feature women seeking revenge and unleashing their fighting skills to achieve their goals. They offer stylish and visually striking action sequences with a focus on martial arts combat.
  • Differences: Kill Bill is a stylized revenge fantasy with a blend of action, comedy, and graphic violence. The Woman King is a historical drama with a more serious tone and focus on historical accuracy.
  • Verdict: If you’re looking for a blood-soaked revenge fantasy with over-the-top action sequences, Kill Bill delivers. The Woman King offers a more grounded and historically-inspired story of female warriors.
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4. The Woman King vs. Brave (2012):

  • Similarities: Both films feature strong-willed female protagonists who challenge tradition and societal expectations. They explore themes of family bonds, following one’s own path, and the importance of courage.
  • Differences: Brave is a Pixar animated film set in a fantastical world with mythical creatures. The Woman King is a live-action historical drama grounded in reality.
  • Verdict: Brave is a fun and visually stunning animated film perfect for families. The Woman King offers a more mature and realistic portrayal of female warriors and their struggles.

5. The Woman King vs. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016):

  • Similarities: Both films feature skilled female warriors in stories that blend action, adventure, and martial arts. They showcase the beauty and complexity of Asian martial arts traditions.
  • Differences: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is set in a fantastical Qing Dynasty China with mythical elements and mystical powers. The Woman King is a historical epic set in Africa that focuses on real-world warriors and weaponry.
  • Verdict: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon offers a visually stunning and fantastical martial arts adventure. The Woman King provides a more grounded and historically-inspired story of female warriors from Africa.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your preferred genre, historical setting, and the type of female warrior story you’re in the mood for. The Woman King, with its historical accuracy, powerful performances, and celebration of female warriors, offers a unique and captivating experience for fans of action epics and historical dramas.

Where to Watch/Download The Woman King

The Woman King’s theatrical run ended in late 2022. Here are some platforms where you can watch or download the movie:

  • Digital Platforms: The film is available for purchase or rental on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV. Keep an eye out for official announcements from the production companies or distributors for other platforms.
  • Streaming Services: Streaming rights can change frequently, but The Woman King is available on Netflix and HBO Max. Stay updated on the film’s official channels or streaming service announcements.
  • Physical Release: A Blu-ray or DVD release of The Woman King is a possibility. Check online retailers like Amazon or Walmart for updates on a potential release date.

Remember, streaming rights and distribution deals can change constantly. The best way to stay on top of where to watch The Woman King is to:

  • Follow the Film’s Social Media Pages: The production company (TriStar Pictures, Columbia Pictures) or the film’s official social media pages might announce future streaming or distribution plans.
  • Search Online Retailers Regularly: Keep an eye out for the film’s title on online retailers like iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon Prime Video. These platforms update their libraries frequently.
  • Check Local Libraries: While availability might be limited initially, your local library could eventually add The Woman King to their DVD or streaming collection.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Female Warriors Awaits

The Woman King is a visually stunning and action-packed film that celebrates the power and courage of the Agojie warriors. With its strong performances, compelling story, and exploration of historical themes, the film offers a unique and entertaining experience. Whether you’re a history buff, an action movie enthusiast, or simply looking for a film that celebrates female empowerment, The Woman King is definitely worth seeking out.

Keep an eye out for announcements regarding its availability on VOD platforms, streaming services, or a potential Blu-ray/DVD release. With a little patience, you’ll be able to experience the thrilling and inspiring story of the Agojie warriors from the comfort of your own home.