Alkhallat+ (2022)

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Alkhallat+: A Saudi Arabian Anthology of Deception


Alkhallat+, translating to “The Deceiver” in English, is a captivating anthology film from Saudi Arabia. It weaves together four distinct stories, each exploring themes of trickery and deception in unexpected settings. A pair of mischievous thieves attempt to ruin a wedding by stealing the tires of the groom’s car. A grieving man embarks on a frantic mission to bury a secret belonging to his deceased friend. A chef at a high-end restaurant devises a clever scheme to prevent her parents’ divorce. Finally, a son hides his financial struggles from his overbearing father, leading to a hilarious and unexpected twist.


  • Genre: Mystery, Comedy
  • Release Name: Alkhallat+
  • Tagline: “Four stories. One deception.” (Arabic: “أربع قصص. خدعة واحدة”)
  • Audio Languages: Arabic
  • Runtime: 95 minutes
  • Release Date: January 19, 2023 (Saudi Arabia)
  • Production Company: MBC Studios
  • Movie Trailer:
Alkhallat+ trailer

The Cast of Alkhallat+

The beauty of Alkhallat+ lies in its ensemble cast, each actor breathing life into their respective characters:

  • Fahad Al-Butairi: A prominent Saudi actor who appears in multiple stories, showcasing his versatility.
  • Ibrahim Al-Harkous: Another established Saudi performer, delivering comedic timing and emotional depth.
  • Areej Al-Wannas: A rising star in Saudi cinema, portraying a strong and resourceful woman in one of the narratives.
  • Hussam Al-Ghuwais: A veteran actor who brings warmth and humor to his role.
  • ** عبدالإله بخش (Abdul Illah Bakhsh):** A talented young actor who shines in a pivotal role. (Note: Due to limitations with embedded fonts, the name is written in Arabic)

Each story boasts additional supporting actors, all contributing to the film’s rich tapestry of characters.

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The Crew Behind Alkhallat+

  • Directed by: An anthology film often features multiple directors, and Alkhallat+ is no exception. The specific directors for each story haven’t been widely publicized.
  • Written by: Similar to the directors, the screenwriters for each story remain under wraps.
  • Cinematography: Cinematographer Mohammad Al-Attiyat uses his lens to capture the bustling streets, modern interiors, and intimate moments within each story.
  • Music by: The film’s score is credited to Basil Al-Ghareeb. While details about specific tracks are unavailable, the music likely blends traditional Arabic instruments with modern compositions to complement the diverse narratives.

Despite the lack of individual credits for directors and screenwriters, Alkhallat+ showcases a collaborative effort from talented Saudi filmmakers, resulting in a unique and entertaining cinematic experience.

Filming Locations:

Alkhallat+ offers a glimpse into contemporary Saudi Arabia through its filming locations:

  • Urban centers: The film showcases the modern architecture and bustling streets of cities like Riyadh and Jeddah.
  • Upscale restaurants: One story takes place in a luxurious restaurant, highlighting the country’s growing culinary scene.
  • Traditional settings: While the film leans towards modern settings, glimpses of traditional homes and marketplaces might be present, offering a touch of cultural authenticity.

By filming in these diverse locations, Alkhallat+ provides a window into the varied landscapes and lifestyles of modern Saudi Arabia.

The Soundtrack of Alkhallat+:

While specific details about the soundtrack are unavailable, inferences can be made based on the film’s genre and setting:

  • Modern Arabic compositions: Upbeat music with contemporary flair likely accompanies the comedic moments and heist scenes.
  • Traditional Arabic instruments: Oud, qanun, and other instruments could be used to create a sense of cultural identity and emotional depth.
  • Suspenseful scores: For the more suspenseful stories, the music might shift to create tension and anticipation.
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The soundtrack of Alkhallat+ is likely designed to complement the narrative shifts within the anthology, offering a blend of modern and traditional sounds that resonate with the film’s setting and themes.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Stories Behind the Deceptions

Alkhallat+ is a work of fiction, but the themes of deception and clever tricks might draw inspiration from real-life anecdotes or cultural folktales:

  • Trickster figures: Many cultures have tales of mischievous characters who use wit and cunning to achieve their goals. Alkhallat+’s stories might echo these themes in a contemporary setting.
  • Social commentary: Deception can sometimes be used to highlight social issues. The film might explore themes of family pressure, economic disparity, or societal expectations through its narratives.

While the stories are fictional, they might draw inspiration from real-life experiences and cultural touchstones, making them relatable and thought-provoking for audiences.

Alkhallat+ vs. Similar Films: A World of Deception

Alkhallat+ joins a rich tradition of anthology films exploring diverse themes. Here’s how it compares to five other international films:

Alkhallat+ vs. Paris, je t’aime (2006):

  • Focus: Alkhallat+ centers on deception, while Paris, je t’aime features 18 love stories set in different Parisian arrondissements.
  • Style: Both films are anthologies, but Alkhallat+ leans towards comedy and mystery, while Paris, je t’aime offers a wider range of emotions.
  • Cultural Lens: Alkhallat+ provides a glimpse into contemporary Saudi Arabia, while Paris, je t’aime showcases the diverse perspectives of love in the French capital.

Alkhallat+ vs. American Crime Story (2016-Present):

  • Genre: Alkhallat+ is a comedic mystery, while American Crime Story is a dramatic anthology series focusing on true-crime events.
  • Length: Alkhallat+ is a feature film with shorter stories, while American Crime Story offers in-depth exploration of each crime across multiple episodes.
  • Target Audience: Alkhallat+ caters to a broad audience seeking entertainment, while American Crime Story attracts viewers interested in true-crime documentaries with a fictionalized narrative.
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Alkhallat+ vs. VHS (2012):

  • Origin: Alkhallat+ is a Saudi Arabian film, while VHS is a Chilean anthology horror film.
  • Tone: Alkhallat+ is lighthearted and humorous, while VHS utilizes horror elements to deliver social commentary.
  • Storytelling: Alkhallat+ presents distinct narratives with a common theme, while VHS features interconnected stories with a chilling overarching plot.

Alkhallat+ vs. Rashomon (1950):

  • Narrative Structure: Both films explore a single event from multiple perspectives, but Alkhallat+ focuses on deception, while Rashomon delves into the subjectivity of truth.
  • Historical Context: Alkhallat+ is a contemporary film, while Rashomon is a classic Japanese film set in medieval Japan.
  • Impact: Rashomon is a groundbreaking film that influenced the use of unreliable narrators, while Alkhallat+ is a recent addition to the anthology genre.

Alkhallat+ vs. After Life (2019-2022):

  • Genre: Alkhallat+ is a comedic mystery, while After Life is a dark comedy series exploring grief and loss.
  • Character Focus: After Life follows a single protagonist’s journey, while Alkhallat+ features a cast of characters in each story.
  • Emotional Depth: Despite its comedic elements, Alkhallat+ explores themes of family and cultural expectations, while After Life delves deeper into the complexities of grief.

Alkhallat+ stands out for its focus on deception within a contemporary Saudi Arabian setting. While it shares some similarities with other anthology films, its unique blend of humor, mystery, and cultural insights offers a fresh perspective for viewers around the world.

Where to Watch/Download Alkhallat+

As a recent release, Alkhallat+ might not be widely available on streaming platforms yet. Here’s a quick look at potential options:

Streaming PlatformAvailability
Netflix Available
Amazon Prime VideoAvailability Unconfirmed
Disney+Not currently available
Local Streaming Services (within Saudi Arabia)Might be available on MBC Shahid or other platforms.
table showing list of platforms to watch Alkhallat+

Remember: Streaming availability can change, so checking the platforms mentioned above or searching online for authorized distributors is recommended.

Conclusion: A Deceptively Entertaining Experience

Alkhallat+ is a captivating anthology film that offers a glimpse into Saudi Arabian culture through its humorous and thought-provoking stories. If you’re looking for a film that will keep you guessing, make you laugh, and provide a window into a different world, then Alkhallat+ is definitely worth seeking out. Be sure to check with local distributors or streaming services (particularly those within Saudi Arabia) to see where you can catch this entertaining and unique film.